Navel Gazing

I find it amusing that I have decided to start writing a blog. The reason, you see, is that I think writing a blog is a little pathetic, like a tiny little voice in the vastness of the universe desperately screaming, “I matter!”

On a certain level, the internet is like the universe, awash in data rather than matter.  And, much like the universe, most of that data matters not to the average Earth-dweller. You could literally spend every hour of your life scanning the skies or the web and still not have your eyeballs roll over every star or piece of data out there.

Of particular focus for my purposes is the data that takes the form of blogs.  People create all kinds of blogs, posting all sorts of data – expanded facebook-like blogs, amateur subject matter blogs, expert subject matter blogs, experiential blogs, etc.  Most of these hold no interest for me, and I believe they are largely, if not totally, useless.

So, why am I adding my drop to the sea of data that will likely never wash over any shores?

I enjoy thinking, and I enjoy writing.  I am experimenting with writing publicly (if pseudonymously) as a way to force myself to spend more time cultivating my thoughts and crafting my writing. Although pathetic in comparison to the universe, my writing is pleasurable and even meaningful to me, so perhaps this will only be an exercise in mental masturbation.

In addition, having been recently unmoored from others’ shoulds and s’pose’das, I am free to explore life’s nuances without trying to put my thoughts or conclusions in boxes with labels prepared by others. I also want to share this experience, not as someone who has discovered a “new” and “right” set of shoulds and s’pose’das; not as someone who seeks to impose my moorings on others; not as someone needing affirmation for my choices; but as someone who is a fellow traveller.

I want to tell you, the reader, “Here, over here, just over that ridge are hidden pockets of beauty that you just gotta see!” Having undertaken the journey, you will notice that you do not see what I see. You will see whatever it is you see, which will be influenced by your own thoughts, experiences and values, but I will have fulfilled my purpose: not to make you see what I see, but to get you to take a journey you otherwise would not have taken. It is not, after all, my duty to spoon-feed you the results of my journey. Like a lactose-intolerant baby, you cannot digest the feed I have created; you must create your own for it to be of any worth. To put it another way, as I recall reading once somewhere, of far more profit is a fact discovered than received – the impression on the mind lasts longer.

I did not and do not write for comments or followers, so I generally do not comment on comments or follow followers. If you have a thoughtful, challenging response to something I have explored in these pages, please leave a comment or send me an email at the name of this blog at I would love to follow your thought and to have you show me a beauty that I have not seen before.


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