Smell the Roses

Today I was playing with the kids in the snow in the backyard. We were building up a pile of snow in which to dig tunnels and from which to make a snow fort. It was cold today. And windy. But very sunny, without a cloud in the sky.

I built up a tall section to block the wind while the kids were digging in another part. When I was finished, I lay in the snow on my back on the leeward side of the pile, propped up on my elbows, hunkering from the wind. I turned my face towards the sun.

The effect was magical. The bare thin tree limbs danced and dove in the wind, backlit by the darkest and purest shade of blue I have seen in a long time. Ice crystals shimmered in the air as they were whipped up from our pile of snow. The snow muffled the sounds of the kids and the wind. The sun warmed my face while my body was cool, pressed against the snow.

My body and mind, stilled, focused on nothing other than sensing the immediate surroundings, alive.


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